Snoop Dogg – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto

It’s 12.30 AM, Christmas Eve
I’m out with the gangstas and thieves
Celebratin’, postin’ up with eggnog head up up in my cup
Put Rudolph and Moses lil’ bang-bangin’ and coastin’
Down the block but be careful for the heart, because it’s posted’
Some stay to this day that Christmas ain’t nothing but another day
But, out of respect, I gotta give the Lord his day
Tell me, tell me, where do the homies and bums got to sleep?
Where do hungry and the needy-greedy’s got to eat?

Life is so crucial and cold, [it’s worse] for the children
In this world they hopes and dreams can’t afford
The young and old churches and spiritual dreams, seasonal things
Heard throughout the ghetto reaches gangstas and dope-fiends, huh
‘Cause those who ain’t able get it now can finally get it
‘Cause the ghetto Santa Claus has sprinkled the hood and now we ballin’
Livin’ to a new year of better thangs
Celebrate it with some Champagne,


2 Responses to “Snoop Dogg – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto”

  1. chucktaylor Says:

    what it do…….got a better story for you……………… night(no homo) chillin with two of my homies over this broad crib and we were all chillin watching the mac and everybody wanted to get some hooch so we mob out to the lick store to get some good firewater…so now we all back at the crib and motherfu@kas dont want to drink none of the gallon of firewater that i had so i drunk ass the shits by my self…(20 mins later) i awake to the room spinning, cats making the bad ass broad(that looked just like alishia keys) and like a asshole i earl for like 30mins in this chick trash can…long story short……still got the pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. plug Says:

    30 minutes? it wasnt 30 minutes of blowin chunks, it was more like 3 hours. we literally had to dragged this cat down the hall feet first and put him in the car. we get to his cribset him on the porch and ring the bell 40 times for hi moms to let him in at 5am. the crazy thing is he actually went to work 30 minutes later. later we asked him why he didn’t call off. his anser was “I had perfect attendence, I didnt wanna break my streak”

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