Kat Yun Marie


I copped the pictures  from him.

 Another “not so safe for work” picture and a video in the link below.



6 Responses to “Kat Yun Marie”

  1. i Fux aka Etheraldinho Says:

    Ohhhhh Gawd that ass is kinda serious!Asians Sheesh Bootleg ass implants in full affect, I see they mastered the bootleg ass game.

  2. The XFacta Says:

    She looks good clean and wholesome

  3. Plug Says:

    thats all natural. no implants. you can look at her and see she got soul DNA. Imma make a call and confirm

  4. Geeeeeeeeeezhus Christmas Says:

    Da da dam this chic takes the cake tho fa real I would take her home to mama in a minute like Frank Lucas. I been seeing this chic on the dam web like spam, shes the Yao Ming of modeling. Her measurements are a like a 40 or 41 but I’m lmao on the Korean’s bootleggin phat asses.

    I can here the lil Korean lady at the swap meet says You wanna Ms. Nu Booty a phatty Buffie Girl Ass hurry up and buy.

    Good find shes a winner!!!

  5. j4pres Says:

    her ass is real shes half black

  6. Jody Jerome Says:

    Hey man, was just browsing through the internet looking for some hot sites and came across your blog. I am impressed by how hot these models are on this site. I especially like all the morning erection I got from your site. You, my friend, are great!!!

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