…no words…


13 Responses to “Halle”

  1. Foekist Says:

    Word she looks nice. I guess it’s real how being impregnated adds size to the breasticles. good lawid.

  2. woodro Says:

    yes she is looking very niceeeeee….damn….yo plug…let me get your email..i wanna ask you somthing..

  3. plug Says:

    plugindustries@gmail.com /\

  4. nation Says:

    got milk?

  5. plug Says:

    I dont think I’m ever gonna make a new post

  6. benhameen Says:

    ^LOL….yo added you to my blog roll. can i get an amen! in the first pic she looks like shorty I know. In the next few…

    Halle> shorty I know.

  7. Plug Says:

    4 SHO

  8. green eyes Says:


  9. green eyes Says:


  10. reythehussein Says:

    Cosign, Plug.. Halle looks awesome, even all knocked up’n’junk.

  11. The XFacta Says:

    Got.. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn (c) Kay Slay

  12. Halle Berry « Plug Industries Says:

    […] the blue dress on when I get […]

  13. G7 Says:


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