WC ft. Ice Cube – Paranoid

WC does it again. Don’t sleep on his catolog. I’ll z share one or two cuts later.

classic line: “I’m  nothin nice. Like Fantasia with no makeup on, I’m a ugly ass site.” – WC


9 Responses to “WC ft. Ice Cube – Paranoid”

  1. FOEKIST Says:

    Nigga… are you from Michigan or Compton?

  2. Plug Says:

    *puts on raiders hat*

    *puts activator on waves*

    today I’m from compton

  3. FOEKIST Says:

    LA Kings hat > Raiders hat

  4. Mr. Opinion Says:


    *Crowd Boos*

  5. Plug's Losing His Damn Mind Says:

    *Crowd Still Booing*

  6. Plug Says:

    I was gonna make a new post but I guess I’ll just leave this up and post more WC songs since yall like him so much…

    Yall sleepin on WC… this is Gangsta Rap/west coast music at its finest. When it comes to wanting to here gangsta rap, I gotta go to the west where it originated

  7. State of Grace Says:

    Lucky for Fantasia the bitch can’t read so she’ll never see those words.

  8. Plug Says:


  9. E aka FidelCa$hflow Says:

    this album’s full of bangers, i’ve never been dissapointed by a WC album

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